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Conscious Music Production

'Empowering conscious creators thru mindset, awareness and discipline'


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10 years of educational experience

My professional audio journey began at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, where I graduated at the top of their audio engineering program with a specialization in mixing and mastering.


The last 8 years of my life I have been sharing my knowledge and experience with others. My passion for music led me to tour the country as a successful DJ for the last 7 years, and through my teachings, I have impacted the lives of hundreds of producers.

My goal is to provide the highest value and most efficient music production learning system in the world.

Private or Course?

a production path for conscious creators..


13 Private lessons with Prophet


'Finding Flow':
A Spiritual Guide to Ableton Live

Meet with Prophet on a weekly Zoom call.

Mixdown technique, Sound Design, Philosophy, Yoga, Relationships - you name it.
I am yours for the session.

9 day video course that combines spirituality with production foundations that will last a lifetime to help beginners find their flow.

Find your authentic artistic expression

Effortless and cost-free training application process



Fill out the questionnaire so I can better understand your wants and needs


Application Review

Wait for your application to be reviewed, about 1 or 2 days.


Schedule a call

After acceptance, schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss the next steps

High Pass Gang

Join the High Pass Gang
The supportive, healthy, and educational Discord group to enhance your music production and lifestyle.

Educational Peers

Interact with other producers who have been through the same teachings.


Receive feedback, chat, share tunes and learn with like minded producers

Music Challenges

Production and lifestyle challenges help you quickly grow



Ben, Wylie Koyote

"The man has helped me immensely. I was at a bit of a creative stalemate and then I caught onto his group sessions and jumped on them religiously and my perception on sound design is so much more fun and makes way more sense. Dude's a don and has a wonderful open-minded view on sound and frequencies. It's the wild west, find your flow"

Sean, Noway Music

"With being new to the world of production Prophet has provided me with not only the techniques to take my music to the next level but the support and inspiration as well. From breaking down advanced techniques in a relatable way to bringing in amazing special guests for group sessions every lesson is a stepping stone towards making the music you know you can."


"For the past 5 months I have been attending Prophets classes, and I have been blown away by how much I have learned during my time spent with him. I began with attending group sessions, which then lead me to trying the one on one lessons. I loved the experience with Prophet so much that I decided to do the full mentorship with him. I have bounced around a lot of different teachers, but my experience with Prophet was by far my favorite. Not only did he teach me a lot of things I did not know, but he also helped me believe in myself when I really needed  it. Every dollar I spent with him was well worth it. Grateful for everything <3."





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