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Student Testimonials

Zack Korich

Spaceyboiz // INB4

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Jake was a great teacher, thought me a bunch of basic ableton fundamentals, was super patient and worked with me at my own pace. Hope to work with him again in the near future to advance my sound design.

Forrest Lamie


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I started my journey with Prophet the beginning of Quarantine. Going into Production I had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted to make. But had no morals for rules and how it should be done, set up, aligned. (I was a very messy producer.) I started out a fan, and when I saw he started class sessions, I had no idea what to expect every Monday as a student. Prophet classes aren't just about the music, Jake actually helped me spiritually. I feel by extending his knowledge of breathing exercises to yoga, to stretching, drinking massive amounts of water during class. Pans a lifestyle and aura thats too clean not to want. I joined his classes to adapt how I really want to maintain my lifestyle through music and above all feeling good about what I do. Everyones on there own journey, and its always nice to meet a prophet along the way. I appreciate everything Jakes done for my music and more, and will continue you to suggest him to others along my way.
Pushwave Gang


Wylie Kyotee

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The man has helped me immensely. I was at a bit of a creative stalemate and then i caught onto his group sessions and jumped on them religiously and my perception on sound design is so much more fun and makes way more sense. Dude's a don and has a wonderful open-minded view on sound and frequencies. It's the wild west, find your flow



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With being new to the world of production Prophet has provided me with not only the techniques to take my music to the next level but the support and inspiration as well. From breaking down advanced techniques in a relatable way to bringing in amazing special guests for group sessions every lesson is a stepping stone towards making the music you know you can.

Zach B


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Couldnt be more grateful for the teachings i received from Jake (Prophet). I was part of his "Intro to Ableton" and "Advanced" course where I learned the basics of mixing and pushing through to complete a track. Jake taught me basic workflow while sticking to key fundamentals to ensure my tracks sounded balanced throughout the creative process. Jake is direct, patient, and encourages questions. More importantly he encourages his students to find their sound while assisting in the technical and creative process. I dont make that dub music, i prefer my 4 on the floor house. but as Jake has proven "Dub mixing just hits harder". Thanks Jake! Looking forward to more sessions. #hydrate

Ivan J. Patino


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What is up everyone, D15TR1KT here! Man, where to begin. It’s kind of funny how I heard about Jake. A good buddy of mine told me about a program that taught music production and sound engineering in Salt Lake City and I immediately Jumped on it! First day of class, Jake was showing us a little about himself. Told us how he went by the alias name ‘Strode’. One song that stood out to me was a Trap song that he wrote called ‘Bad Girl’. Now, let me stop right there people. Back in 2012 i religiously listened to a trap mix which had that song in it! So, me finding out that he was that artist, I completely lost it! I couldn’t believe it! It’s like the universe was showing me that I was in the right spot in life. I was beyond excited! I can say Jake (Prophet) taught me many things aside from music. He introduced me to a healthier life style, taught me how to balance out my life, taught me how to be professional at all times and also Showed me how hard work can really Pay off! It really made me look at life from a whole different perspective. I’m super great full for the experience and all the knowledge that he has given me. I can say it really built me up as an Artist and has given me my own path of sound and frequency to journey through. BIG UPS to they guy! He’s seriously one of the kindest, hard working and determined humans I have ever come across. So, to close this out I just wanna say, if you have a dream, pursue it! The journey of chasing your dreams is what life is all about! “PUSH WAVES”

- D15TR1KT

Blake Ford

4D Soundz

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I first met Jake on one of his group sessions and was immediately impressed with the amount of knowledge he had around all things music production. This man has helped me level up in a short period of time. I went through his mentorship program and it was truly an amazing experience. Jake eats, sleeps, and breathes this shit and it couldn’t be more obvious. He’s an awesome guy who really does care and it’s very evident. I would recommend him as a teacher to anyone looking to take their skills to the next level. You will not regret the decision.



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As a long time follower of Prophets work 11 dollar Monday night workshops were a no brainer, so I signed up. I honestly would have paid much more, that was almost a year ago now and j still hop in whenever I can , I think his strongest attribute as a teacher is not restricting any creativity what so ever , there's no rules, and your not wrong in the way you have been doing things , Monday night workshops instilled a level of confidence in myself I didnt have before breaking through the battle of right and wrong and ofcourse a few cool new little tricks along the way. #gangstaging


kyan pepper

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Mr Prophet was a teacher before he had to result to teaching random kids on the internet how to make wubs. No matter what youre looking to learn, he will do his best to show you step by step processes on how to improve your music knowledge and skills. Whether you plan to make dubstep or any other genre, these lessons will help you. No doubt

Ben Wylie

Wylie Kyotee

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Tanner Pennington

Dalek One

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I’m not a student but rather an observer / special guest. Jake is probably one of the best teachers for music production. I was a special guest on his stream and the amount of pure knowledge he has regarding music production is just unmatched. He really dives deep into the subjects he covers on that days class. Super solid dude, amazing producer and an even better teacher !

Matthew Welch


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For the past 5 months I have been attending Prophets classes, and I have been blown away by how much I have learned during my time spent with him. I began with attending group sessions, which then lead me to trying the one on one lessons. I loved the experience with Prophet so much that I decided to do the full mentorship with him. I have bounced around a lot of different teachers, but my experience with Prophet was by far my favorite. Not only did he teach me a lot of things I did not know, but he also helped me believe in myself when I really needed it. Every dollar I spent with him was well worth it. Grateful for everything <3.



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Prophet has helped me IMMENSELY as a new producer. J went in with the most rudimentary bit of knowledge from my own experience and through reading on my own, but his lessons have been able to escalate my production further than I could have ever done alone. His classes are easy to follow, informative, and really helps dive into the why of sound instead of just the what. Even if you're not looking to make the same genre, Prophet's method of teaching is a must have for all budding producers, composers, or anyone working with a DAW.


Testy boi


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