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Finding Flow: A Spiritual Guide to Ableton Live

Create music you love in 4 days..


Enroll in the industry-leading Ableton program that has helped over 300+ people find their authentic artistic expression:

- Learn the basic of Ableton in the 1st day
- Create original music from scratch, no samples or presets
- Maintain a foundational awareness of sound and its creation
- Learn healthy lifestyle habits that aid in the music production process and life

Don't wait - today is the day you can enroll in a music program that will give you the sound you want and employ you with tactics and strategies you can use for life. Create music, and continue to for the rest of your life with Finding Flow: A Spiritual Guide to Ableton Live

Finding Flow: A Spiritual Guide to Ableton (beta)

  • 9Days
  • 52Steps


In the 9 day "Finding Flow: A Spiritual Guide to Ableton Live," you will learn how to efficiently and effectively produce music in Ableton Live while incorporating spiritual practices that help you stay focused, centered, and connected to your creative source. This course is designed for beginners or advanced producers who want to quickly master the basics of Ableton Live and develop a strong workflow that supports their spiritual practice. Through a combination of practical lessons and spiritual practices, you will learn how to optimize your workflow, create meaningful music, and stay grounded throughout the creative process. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced producer, this course will help you find your flow and create music that inspires and uplifts.

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